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Your wedding day portraits are going to be photos you look at for years to come. You will want to share them with family, friends, and one day your own children. You want those photos to be ones that look amazing and if there is something you can do to help the process we’re here to give you those secrets!


1. Prep Your Getting Ready Room

Your photographer is there to capture the day for a limited amount of time, and they are normally on a set schedule. Help them out by cleaning up trash, champagne flutes, clothes, etc so that the clutter doesn’t distract from your photos! You don’t want to be gazing at yourself in the mirror while getting photographed, then see a half-eaten sandwich hanging out behind you (unless you really love sandwiches, in which case, *we feel you*).

2. Have Your Details Out and Ready To Go

You want your photographer to get moving and grooving right when they show up on site. Help them out by having your details like your rings, invitation suite, jewelry, etc out and ready to go for their arrival. They’ll be able to spend time wisely while you are finishing hair and makeup getting whatever details are important to you to begin the story of your day!

3. Day of Coordinator [Ideally a Wedding Planner]

This person will be your lifesaver. Wedding days can be so fast-paced and have lots of moving parts! If you decide to change things around or move something up on the timeline, your coordinator will be sure to let your photographer know so that way no moment goes uncaptured. A lot of coordinators and photographers work together often, so they can bounce ideas off of each other, help create your dream timeline, and ensure things run as smoothly as possible!

4. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

You are finally walking down the aisle to meet the man of your dream! This happens so fast and will be some of your most cherished images. A lot of aisles are short and you won’t have far to walk, so be sure to be looking up towards your groom and family to give your photographer a ton of opportunities to capture your beauty and reactions coming down the aisle.

You can download the other steps by clicking the button below! If you have any questions, you can always reach out to us – we can’t wait to chat!