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Hello! 🙋🏻‍♀️
I am Rebecca and I have been on every side of the event planning business possible. In no particular order, I’ve worked as a bridal stylist, catering director, venue manager, and now I get the privilege of helping you organize your wedding photography. You are more likely to find me creating your wedding photography timeline than behind a camera, although, if I am not working you can find me swimming, hiking, or just taking an extraordinarily long walk.

My favorite emoji is: 💕

My favorite photography moment is when we capture a candid photo of people laughing. The pure joy is magnetic!

I have an adorable tabby cat named Pumpkin. Her full name is Pumpkin Spiced Lolita Casares (long story) and she loves being around people as much as I do.


Job Position

I am from Houston, Texas. When I’m not doing photography, I spend most of my time looking for good food and coffee. You will 9 times out of 10 find me at Atascocita Community Church, where I am the Kid’s Ministry Director!

My favorite emoji is: 🕴️

My favorite photography moments are when you’re able to be around the bride and groom right after the ceremony, as they realize they just lived through one of the best moments of their lives.

I have a dog named Teddy. His breed is boujie fluffy dog.


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After graduating from art school in Indiana, this midwestern lady moved to Texas to pursue more artistic endeavors! I’m constantly filling my time with art as both my career and hobbies; however, aside from photography, I draw, paint, embroider, and delve into digital arts 🎨. I also love to be active with working out, hiking, & traveling! But art is and always has been my whole life since I was very young.

Favorite Emoji: 🤘🏼

What is your favorite photography moment:
I love the moments within photography that allow me to combine my artistic eye, the technical side of camera work, & the opportunistic spontaneity of the real world. Beautifully and genuinely capturing the moments you truly cannot repeat brings me so much joy!

Tell us about your pets:
I do not have a pet (yet!), but I’ve always wanted a puppy and a lizard.


Job Position

Howdy! 🤠
My name is Justin, and I’ve been married to my beautiful wife, Ariel, for the past four years. We have a baby boy named Wells who loves to laugh and wiggle constantly. I’ve always loved traveling, buying plants, playing music, and camping.

My favorite emoji is whatever this thing is 👾

My favorite photography moment is the first look! Always such great raw emotion and of course, more time for portraits 📸

If I could have any pet, I would love to have a penguin. They’re adorable and always dressed to impress.


Job Position

I was born and raised right here in Houston. I went to high-school and community College in Cypress, before moving into the city after getting married. Aside from photography, I am also an avid guitar player, of all styles of music, and most importantly, I'm a proud father of a beautiful little girl.

My favorite emojis together in this order: 😩🤌💯

One of my favorite moments as a photographer: At a wedding, the grandfather of a Bride surprised her and the Groom at dinner by serenading them with a full mariachi band.

I have 2 little fluffy dogs. Lily is a white Shih-Tzu/Bichon mix who we raised from a puppy. Ollie is a Miniature Poodle/Border Collie mix who we rescued at the age of 5. They're both super sweet and cuddly, but Lily runs the show while Ollie is more easygoing and shy.


Job Position

Hi! My name is Bless and I have been doing photography professionally since my junior year of high school. Coming from an artistic family, creating art was always encouraged and I was given my first camera when I was 7 years old. Outside of art, I also enjoy traveling, being in the outdoors and discovering new food! I'm a huge foodie and at one point in time, it was my goal to find the best cheap but amazing tacos in Houston.

My Favorite Emoji: 🌮

Another thing I will never stop talking about are my love for dogs, specifically my three cute fur-babies named Teeko, Lucas, and Lily. They never fail to put a smile on my face and are my cheerleaders when coming home after a long shooting day.

My favorite photography moment is when I meet an individual who's not entirely confident being in front of the camera change their demeanor when I show them how good they look! Being photographed can be scary, but finding a photographer who understands you and can help work your angles takes all of the fears away.