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You may be newly engaged or have been engaged for months and just now starting your wedding planning journey.  You may think that at-home wedding planning is going to prevent you from getting some planning done – but think again! While you hang out at home, you can now get some uninterrupted wedding planning time!  To help with that process (and hopefully keep you feeling sane), here are a few tips from us:

  1. Create Your Guest List + Gather Addresses
    If you haven’t already started working on your guest list, you can now! We typically see couples create a list together and then ask each of their sets of parents to send over a list as well. Once you have all of your lists combined, you will be able to trim your guest count down as needed to get to your desired number of guests. This is also the perfect time to gather everyone’s addresses since they will be easy to get in touch with since we are all a bit freer of distractions!
  2. Get Your Registry Items Together
    Since you and your fiancé are probably spending quite a bit of time together [or calling each other quite a bit], get started on your registry! Many places such as Target and Bed, Bath + Beyond give you the option to create your registry online. You can add an array of products to your registry, check out the reviews on them and then view them in stores in a few weeks if need be.
  3. Focus On the Design of Your Big Day
    With this bit of downtime, you are having compared to the normal hustle + bustle of life, you can really focus on the design and feel you have in mind for your wedding. You can choose your color palette and then make fitting mood boards using inspiration from websites like Pinterest!  This will be super helpful for your upcoming vendor meetings for florals, decor, and planning – they always appreciate when you know what you like!
  4. Work on Your Playlist/Song Selections
    Now is a great time to get to work on your music selections for your big day as the music plays a big part in the day! This is a two-part task. The first thing you will want to do is start narrowing down the list of songs for the special events that will happen during the day because each one will need its own song. How fun will it be years from now when you hear that song and it brings you right back to that moment? To give you an idea of what events you need songs for, here is a list to get you thinking:
    – Processional Songs for Wedding Party + Bride
    – Recessional Song
    – Grand Entrance
    – First Dance
    – Parent Dances
    – Cake Cutting
    – Bouquet + Garter Tosses
    – Last Song with Guests
    – Private Last Dance
    – The second part of this task is coming up with a Must Play/Do Not Play list for your band or DJ. This list can be very helpful as it can show your personalities and preferences. They can use this list to feel out the crowd and get the dance floor packed!
  5. Start Designing Your Reception Layout
    You have probably been to your venue at least once if not multiple times. You are able to visualize the space and get a feel for how much room you really have. There are great platforms like AllSeated that you can use to build your reception space layout. Your venue may even already be in their system! The best part about this platform is that they have tables, chairs, and you can make your own dimensions for certain areas [i.e. how big you want the dance floor] that you can place wherever you would like in the space. If you’re like me, this visual will really help you out! It gives you the chance to see everything on a blueprint and begin to design your space. Once you have completed your floorplan, you can send it to your venue!
  6. Work on DIY Projects and Gifts
    This is a perfect time to work on DIY projects for your day! If you have a Circuit you can make some decals for your bridesmaids/groomsmen gifts. Or maybe you are planning on creating a custom piece for your sign-in like a canvas painting or wooden bench. This will give your brain a break and allow your creative side to shine!  If you’re not having a DIY wedding, this is a great time to research and support small businesses that can create unique gifts for your bridal party or calligraphers for name cards and invitations.
  7. Continue Scheduling [Virtual] Meetings and/or Calls
    This is a great time to get in touch with vendors and start building connections! You can schedule video chats or calls, and use this time to get a feel for what matters most to you.  If you haven’t yet, check out their social media profiles and see what they have been up to!  Many are excited to hear about you + your fiancé as well as what you are planning.

Wedding planning can be a really fun hobby, not just a productive use of time at home or while you’re on a break from work [or your Netflix binge]. This ‘extra’ time is so sweet and we hope you are able to find fun and some peace of mind through getting more items checked off of your list!