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Among the many ways to capture a wedding, documentary wedding photography is probably the most genuine one.

Instead of posing the couple and interfering with the natural flow of the wedding preparations, ceremony, and reception, a documentary wedding photographer will blend in and observe the people around, taking shots of the most unexpected but meaningful moments.

The end result is a wedding photo album that contains honest and authentic memories of your special moment. It is the most spontaneous way to remember your wedding and immortalize the people that made your wedding day so exceptional and beautiful.

A wedding is much more than a bouquet, a dress, some food, and flower decorations. It’s the people, the surrounding affection, and the couple’s love story. Documentary wedding photography captures all these in the most unpretentious and uncontrived way.

An Honest Way to Tell Your Story

Documentary wedding photography helps the couple be themselves. Instead of posing them in scripted and directed poses, the wedding photographer lets the couple be natural. The wedding photographer will capture the genuine laughs, the impromptu smiles, and even the awkwardness and surprise that come when a couple gets married.

These are the moments worth remembering: snapshots that will remind you of how you felt and how happy, joyous, and in the moment you were.

Your wedding photographers will blend in instead of interrupting or being obtrusive. You will hardly notice them, which will make it even more surprising when you see all the beautiful photos that they took when you were dedicating yourself to your love.

A True Depiction of Your Wedding

Instead of focusing on just the wedding ceremony and the reception, a documentary wedding photographer will start from the beginning and tell a story that starts with the preparation of the groom and bride, continues with the setting up and the ceremony, and ends at the reception.

The moments before the wedding ceremony are so emotional—but also so unplanned. It’s when the bride and groom know they are amongst their closest friends and relatives, so they can relax, be themselves, and experience the significance of the moment.

A look, a gentle smile, or even the difficulty in tying the groom’s tie add depth to the forthcoming wedding. Wedding preparations are moments of anticipation, gentle anxiety, and expectations. In short, they are everything that’s worth remembering about a wedding!

Wedding Photography Captures the Small Moments

Your wedding photographer will want to capture the smallest moments that escape your attention. An aunt wiping a tear at the reception or a toddler dipping her fingers in the wedding cake are the most precious moments. They add honesty and joy to the event and are moments worth remembering.

Your documentary wedding photographer will hide in plain sight and immortalize these moments. A shy flower girl, a friend taking off her shoes after the ceremony, or a mother leaning on her husband during the reception are small fragments of love, fragility, and humanity. You will have them all captured in the most authentic and natural way. These are the stories that often go unnoticed but which form the backbone of any wedding.

Photography that Places Emphasis on Your Community of Friends and Relatives

Your friends and relatives are what make your special day special. It’s their contagious love and affection that create an atmosphere of utter happiness. They deserve to be shown for what they really are: the most supportive people for the couple.

Unscripted, unplanned, and unpretentious wedding photos will put these people at the forefront in a natural and candid way. Your documentary wedding photographer will catch smiles, laughter, small kind gestures, and feelings in a non-staged way. By letting the wedding flow without interrupting it or intruding, your photographer will assimilate and become part of the wedding itself.

You Still Get Group Photos and Portraits

Choosing documentary wedding photography doesn’t mean you have to forego group photos with close family members or portraits of the couple. It just means that your wedding photographer will try to make them as natural, light, and spontaneous as possible.

We might ask the couple to climb down stairs to add movement and inspiration to a photo. Or we might even tell a joke during the photoshoot to get those impromptu smiles that brighten up photos and bring out people’s joy and happiness.

Your Wedding Photographer Is There to Capture the Feel of the Wedding

When you hire a documentary wedding photographer, you are hiring someone who will not interrupt your wedding and will go as unnoticed as possible. Your photographer will create a collection of genuine memories for the future with as little intervention as possible.

By letting the couple and the guests enjoy themselves, you will have authentic and genuine photos. Without any prior preparation or posing, you will all be true to yourselves. Is there a better way to document your wedding?

If you want your wedding photographer to work discreetly in the background and to hide in plain sight to capture the most natural and precious photos of your special day, then BLVD photographers are your choice.

Check Boulevard Photography’s availability online or reach us at 832-835-0584 to discuss your upcoming wedding and photography needs. We would love to bring out the happiness and love in your wedding photos and make your wedding an astonishing event!