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Should you take photos from your engagement?

By June 21, 2021January 3rd, 2022No Comments

Should I Take Engagement Photos?

Should you take photos from the beginning of your love story?

Why, yes, of course, you should!

After all, getting engaged is the first step towards marriage. Why should you have mediocre photos from such an important event?

By getting professional engagement photos, you and your partner will have quality photos to remember your special day. You can display them at your wedding, or look back at them years later and reminisce about how loved and excited you and your partner felt at the time.

Your Love Story Unfolding

Most people agree that a love story begins to unfold from the moment you propose. The engagement ring and the proposal are the foundations of not only your wedding, but of the life you plan to build together and the committed couple you want to become.

We always recommend you choose a meaningful location for the photoshoot that is significant to you and your partner. It could be a local café, a park you walk through each morning, your place of work, or even your home. Whatever you choose, it should be representative of who you are.

Your photographer will take it from there and give you authentic, heart-warming photos of who you and your partner truly are.

Your engagement is a transient moment that takes you from coupledom to marriage. With so many emotions rushing through you, it can feel like the whole proposal passes in the blink of an eye. Capture this fleeting, yet momentous, event so you can cherish and relive it for decades to come.

The First Professional Photos of You as a Couple

Most couples’ cell phones are filled with photos of them together. But these are usually amateur photos or selfies; a great way to capture a moment in time, but nowhere near the quality of a professional photo.

Your engagement is the perfect opportunity to finally have professional photos of you as a couple, with an experienced photographer who will highlight your best features and showcase your personalities.

What’s more, as the person planning the proposal, you get to organize the event and plan ahead. This ensures you will have professional engagement photos exactly how you like them.

Photos You Can Use for Your Wedding

Your engagement photos can be extremely useful for your upcoming wedding. You can use them for your ‘Save the date’ cards, as well as your wedding invitations, your wedding website, and your wedding guest book. Imagine how odd it would be to receive a wedding invitation with a photo of the couple that was from a bad angle or out of focus!

Your wedding will look more personal with photos of you, and will also feel more consistent. Seeing the same theme of photos throughout your wedding stationery will give your wedding a rounded, well-thought-out look.

You can also use your photos on social media to announce your wedding and create digital albums to share with your friends.

Not to mention you can send them to loved ones, such as parents and grandparents, who will be thrilled for your happy moment and will treasure your photos.

A Relaxed, More “You” Couple

Wedding photos are wonderful, but we’ve found that engagement photos can be even more authentic and personal.

Instead of your formal wedding attire, you will be wearing your favorite clothes and you will have chosen your beloved place. You don’t have to take ‘must-have’ photos, and you can be more relaxed and genuinely yourself. You can even include your pets in this wonderful moment. 

An engagement is a relaxed, yet loving, moment. It’s when you decide to share the rest of your life with another person in a formal, official way. You are looking forward to what life holds and to your everyday life with your loved one.

Your engagement is a true reflection of yourselves in a natural environment that fits both of you. It’s a happy and exciting time, full of promise. Don’t miss out on immortalizing such a loving time in your life.

Getting to Know Your Photographer

Working with your photographer in a more informal and spontaneous way helps you better understand each other and find how best to work together. This will come in handy on the day of the wedding. You can build your rapport with your photographer and look forward to your wedding photos being exactly how you want them.

Your photographer will discover how you want to look and what types of photos you are aiming for. You will get used to your photographer’s presence and understand what process works best between you as a couple and your photographer.

You can even look at your engagement photoshoot as a rehearsal for your wedding day. It’s always good to practice!

Practice Being Photographed

Some couples feel ill at ease being photographed. They feel clumsy and unsure about what is expected of them.

An engagement photo session will give you ample time to practice in front of a professional photographer. Your photographer will give you helpful advice about how to pose to look natural and like yourself.

As you unwind in front of the camera, you will get more comfortable and radiate your personality and love in your photos. When the day of your wedding comes, your practice will help you take authentic, genuine, and natural photos with your loved one.

Make the Most of the Seasons

You can arrange for your engagement photoshoot any time of the year, but spring and fall are absolutely spectacular seasons.

Spring’s vibrant colors and fresh green shades add buoyancy to photos. Fall’s subdued, yet majestic, hues provide an astonishing background to your shots.

Pick your favorite outfit and share your love and smile in all your engagement photos.

Have Fun with Your Loved One

Let’s enjoy life the way it’s supposed to be: filled with love, happiness, and shared moments.

Your engagement is the starting point of a long journey of passion, caring, and togetherness. Celebrate this significant moment, and have fun! Display your happiness and enthusiasm and immortalize it with a professional photographer who will know how to bring out the magic and capture it on camera.  

If you want to arrange for an engagement photoshoot with our photographers, give us a call at 832-835-0584 to organize this unforgettable moment in your love story.

BLVD Photography in Houston

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