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Did you know that October is becoming the most popular wedding month, ahead of even May and Junetraditionally the wedding months most in demand?

That’s right, more and more couples are getting married in the fall, starting in September and going into November.

October and November in warmer states like Arizona or Texas are truly amazing. The high heat has subsided and nature is at its best. In cooler states, September and October offer breathtaking backgrounds of colorful trees and falling leaves.

Comfortable temperatures alongside beautiful foliage make a wedding in fall particularly spectacular. The crisp air and the subdued yet vibrant colors make an astonishing background for wedding photos. As for the falling leaves, they create original centerpieces for the wedding ceremony and the wedding reception and offer plenty of photo ops.

What Makes a Fall Wedding Sensational?

In a word: nature!

Fall gives us plenty of flowers and foliage. It’s the time of pumpkins, apples, golden leaves, fruits, and berries. Couples choose to incorporate the wealth of nature into their wedding and this richness shows up splendidly in photos.

As leaves turn to auburn, gold, red, orange, and yellow, they add colorful scenery to a beautiful wedding. As wedding photographers, we have taken photos of brides in white walking on fall leaves and the photos always come up astonishing. The various foliage, flowers, and textures bring out the wedding ceremony and highlight the beauty of the couple.

A Fall Wedding Makes You Daring with Color

Weddings have been associated with subdued colors like pale pinks, whites, and ecru.

Fall makes you want to take a different path for your wedding. You can choose more vibrant colors that will highlight the whole wedding. You can dress your bridesmaids in burgundy or copper: the whole look will coordinate beautifully with the surrounding natural foliage.

You can add striking colorful touches to the bride’s dress or the groom’s suit. Your wedding reception can include dark greens, purples, light browns, and reds. These colors will show up handsomely in photos.

You Can Incorporate Natural Props in Your Wedding

Grains, grasses, apples, berries, pomegranates, hay, acorns, and pumpkins are all around you. Forget about roses and peonies and choose something that matches the season and looks wonderful.

You can make rustic but chic bouquets that stand out and table decorations that are stunning, with textures that only nature can achieve. If you have chosen the setting of a modern barn, natural props will bring out the surroundings and match perfectly with the setting.

If you feel that fall lacks the flower selection of spring, you may want to reconsider: dahlias, chrysanthemums, anemones, sunflowers, and marigolds are available to add color and glow to your wedding.

How about making your wedding a full fall event? For instance, have a fire pit and gather around. Your photographer will immortalize these moments of coziness and warmth while the flames of the fire look captivating in photos.

The Golden Hour Comes Earlier

Wedding photographers love the golden hour: an hour before sunset when the light is gentle, everything is bathed in golden hues, and the shadows are soft.

While the golden hour in summer tends to be around 7 pm, it will be earlier in fall. If you are planning your fall wedding, make sure your wedding ceremony finishes around 3 pm so that you can take advantage of the golden hour, between 3 pm and 4 pm.

Your wedding photographer will use natural light to take memorable photos of the couple without the use of harsh camera flashes that can’t match the richness of natural light.

Remember Fall Temperatures

We all like an Indian summer but sometimes fall temperatures can lean on the cooler side.

Make arrangements for your guests to have pashminas and shawls to keep them warm.

Make sure your couple also has warm clothes: have a warm chic shawl for the bride and a jacket for the groom. Looking shivering and uptight to keep warm doesn’t look good in photos. Looking uncomfortable is the last thing you want on your wedding day.

Another good side of fall temperatures? Makeup stands perfectly and you don’t risk panda eyes and a sweaty forehead!

Boulevard Photography Is Your Wedding Photographer

If you want natural-looking photos that capture the meaningful moments of your wedding in a relaxed yet emotional way, then Boulevard Photography is your perfect choice.

Check Boulevard Photography’s availability online or reach us at 832-835-0584 to discuss your upcoming wedding and photography needs. We would love to bring out the happiness and love in your wedding photos. Let’s make your fall wedding an astonishing event!