Congratulations – you are engaged and about to embark on such a fun time in your lives! After you have spent some time celebrating your engagements with loved ones, and each other, it is time to start the wedding planning process. There are so many components when it comes to wedding planning but a great place to start is with your venue search! Think about the theme or vibe that represents you both as a couple and how you can incorporate that with the space you choose. There are SO many options but hopefully, you will find this helpful when it comes to finding the perfect place to say I Do!

Our first recommendation is that you go into this search knowing your wedding budget. Numbers are no fun but you will be glad that you hashed this out prior to going on-site visits. Once you have your total budget number and know where all of your money is coming from [whether that’s just the two of you, your parents, grandparents, etc.] you can prioritize your budget and decide where you want certain amounts of it to go towards.

Next, you will want to have an idea of how many guests you are planning on inviting. This is an important piece of the puzzle as you want to be sure the venue that you are selecting has enough room to comfortably fit all of your guests. You don’t want to have to be squeezing through tables or not even have enough space to have a chair for every one of your guests.

Think about a few things that you definitely want your venue you have. It may be a spacious bridal suite, an outdoor ceremony option or even maybe being an all-inclusive venue. You deserve to have the best day ever so don’t feel like you have to bend your dream list if you don’t want to! Also, make sure that it fits your style/vibe.

Sometimes it is best to go into these site visits and inquiries with a certain time of year in mind. You can certainly think of your ideal date but if a beautiful space is more important than the date we recommend being flexible with the exact date. Consider if you are willing to be flexible in moving your date if the one you originally wanted 

Before your first visit, you will definitely want to make a spreadsheet that includes each of the venues that you plan on visiting. This way you will be able to easily compare all of the different spaces you tour. Some recommended headings are ‘Venue Name’, ‘Price’, ‘Date Available?’, ‘On-Site Getting Ready?’, ‘Rentals Included?’, ‘Security Required?’ 

You can also search online for templates already made that you can just print off! After seeing a few venues your brain can get a little jumbled so it’s nice to refer to this spreadsheet to go over when you are making your final decision.

The following list will be some questions for you to consider asking on your tours:

  • Will your wedding be the only event taking place on the property?
  • When would you gain access to the venue? Would it be the day of your wedding or the day before?
  • How long is your venue rental for?
  • Are there separate spaces for the ceremony, cocktail hour and reception? Or will a room flip need to take place?
  • Are any additional rentals included with the venue such as tables and chairs?
  • Is there a built-in rain plan in case of inclement weather?
  • Is there an on-site area for you to get ready in?
  • Is there storage for your vendors?
  • What is their smoking policy and where is the designated area if it is allowed?
  • Can you have open flames?
  • Are you allowed to hire the vendors you want or do they have a certain list you must choose from?
  • Does the venue require that you hire a day-of coordinator/wedding planner?
  • Does the venue require you to have wedding insurance?

Finding the perfect venue to serve as the backdrop for one of the most important days in your life is one of the harder parts of wedding planning. But once you have a date and a place to say ‘I Do’ hiring the rest of your wedding vendors is a lot easier.

Cheers and Happy Planning!

Heather and The BLVD Team

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