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Congratulations on your engagement! This is such an exciting time in your lives! Wedding planning can be a little overwhelming – you may not know where to start but these tips should help you get off on the right foot. Happy planning!

  1. Protect that Rock!

    Your left hand is looking mighty shiny! Your fiancé worked hard to pick out your ring and spent a pretty penny on it. Even more importantly, it’s is a visual, sentimental symbol of your commitment to each other. You will wear this ring almost every day, and you don’t want to kick yourself if it gets lost or damaged (life happens!). Thankfully, getting your engagement ring insured isn’t as hard as you may think. First, give your homeowner or renters’ insurance a call – many policies cover engagement rings under ‘personal property’ (just make sure to read the fine print), and some even offer a specific add on for valuable personal articles. If you want stronger coverage, you can also get your bling insured through a jewelry-specific company like Perfect Circle and Jeweler’s Mutual. Your ring is priceless and you deserve the peace of mind!

    2. Create a Wedding Specific Email

    You will spend the next few months contacting lots of vendors to gather quotes, see if your personalities match, and scheduling plenty of meetings. You are going to want to have all of this communication in one area for easy reference, and not lost in the mix of your other emails. This will also allow you to keep your personal or work email wedding free (which depending on your job may be wise anyway). You can also be super creative with the naming of your wedding email! It’s a great opportunity to brainstorm a wedding hashtag or even practice using your new name 🙂

    3. Prioritize, Prioritize, Prioritize

    Trust us, we get it – wedding planning is exciting and should be a fun world to explore, but it can also seem like a daunting task, especially when it comes to finances. Your wedding budget consists of many different factors, from the venue and catering to photographers, your gown, your planner, florist, invitations, live tigers and acrobats (the list can go on and on). One of the most important steps before planning is to sit down and have a little heart-to-heart with your fiance, to discover what about your wedding journey is most meaningful to you and why. These feelings should come from the heart, as it will impact not just your wedding spending, but how you experience the day and memories afterward. Write your top three priorities down, and keep them at the forefront of your wedding budget. This doesn’t necessarily mean you will spend the most on these items, simply that you are willing to push the envelope on your budget for these services and cut costs in other areas if necessary. Wedding budgets are set for a reason, but at the end of the day (literally) you should feel comfortable with and excited about how you chose to invest.

    We have a few more tips for you to check out! Click the button below to get the whole list! If you have any photography questions you can always reach out to our team!