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We know you want to have an awesome toast to your newlywed friends. And we want to help you out. I’m sure you have been to a wedding where someone was making a toast that you weren’t engaged with. Here are a few things you should definitely include in your Best Man or Maid of Honor toast. As well as a few things you should leave off!

You will definitely want to start with a thank you to the guests, families and everyone who made this day possible. Without all of these special people and the couple there would not be a huge celebration that you would be speaking at.

Next, you will want to give an intro of yourself and your relationship with the bride or groom. Tell the room how you two met and how much this special person has changed your life for the better!

Then you can give a brief background of how long you’ve known the couple. It’s always so fun to hear how you first met the bride/groom. You can talk about how much they have changed since the first time you met them.

Now you can bring in a story from the past: anything that’s both sentimental and/or a bit funny. People love to laugh and love to cry. The toasts are one of the parts of the day where you can really see how much the couple means to you!

Then you can chat about the spark you saw or how they grew as a couple. The crowd will want to know how each of these people have changed and become even better than they already were.

Lastly, you can share your wishes for the future. They are going to have an incredible life so share your wishes with them!

There are definitely some things that you DEFINITELY want to avoid. Guests can become very uncomfortable by what you are saying. Be sure to not include these topics!

First off, avoid mentioning any ex-boyfriends, finances, husbands, etc. No one wants to bring up the past and with their new partner you don’t want to have them on the wrong foot.

Please don’t swear or use obscene language. You want to give the happiest and loving toasts. These words can take down what you were trying to say.

Try not to tell any story that could be too embarrassing. Leave the all of the weird, drunk events behind. Personally, when I am uncomfortable I cannot stop laughing and things can feel weird when that happens.

We can’t wait to hear how epic your toasts were!