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Being in front of the camera can feel intimidating when you think about taking engagement photos and Newlywed portraits. You want to look great in the photos since they can be shared with family and friends, framed in your home or used on your announcement or Save the Date cards! 

You want your photos to feel like you, but for some people, getting in front of the camera to strike a pose can feel awkward at first. We have good news though, you don’t need to be a supermodel to get great portraits! We had one of our experts, aka an amazing photographer on our team, help us compile a list of tips on how to feel comfortable in front of the camera and share some simple poses to get you started!

Our Tips & Tricks

Ease into it:

Think of how you might pose if your friend wanted to take a picture with their iPhone, you may smile and put your hand on your hip or tilt your head towards your fiance’s chest. These are poses that you are probably used to already and are great to start your session off. It will seem more natural to you since you have done it before!

Try some action shots:

Small movements like swaying back and forth or going in for a kiss then pulling away, make for beautiful photos with a relaxed feel. If you feel comfortable making bigger movements, try a dip or wear a long skirt and toss the edge of the fabric away from your body to mimic wind.

Make adjustments:

If you feel awkward then you might look awkward. If your hair is being pulled under your partner’s arm or your dress is riding up, take a second to readjust and make yourself comfortable or let your photographer know that you want to try something new.

Keep talking:

We want you to talk to us but it is just as important that you talk to each other. Whisper into your groom’s ear what you had for breakfast to try to get a genuine smile on his face, if that doesn’t work tell him again but use your best Italian accent!

Have some trust:

Trust that your photographer actually wants to serve you and capture these special memories between you and your soon-to-be spouse. Rest easy knowing your photographer wants to support you and trust that your fiance won’t drop you during a dip.

Poses We Love

Holding hands – Simple, sweet, and a perfect starter pose. You can stand close or farther away, side by side or facing each other. As a bonus, ask your photographer to snap some close-up shots of your rings.

The Embrace – Snuggle in close, every couple has an embrace that feels the most natural, even if it’s a simple hug. If you find yourself feeling stiff, add in a little swaying motion to loosen yourself up. 

Head on the shoulder – This is a pose you can do while sitting or standing. Try looking in different directions, closing your eyes, or have your partner give you a sweet kiss on the temple for a variety of looks.

Foreheads together – Nose to nose and tilting your head down, this pose can feel a little more intimate than the others. It can also bring a lot of different emotions when you and your partner are this close. You might find yourselves in a moment of peace and tranquility or a moment of laughter and joy.

Forehead kiss – There will likely be some kissing between you and your groom during your session but an innocent forehead kiss is something that even grandma would approve of.

Hugs from behind – As the bride, you can hug your groom from behind as he turns his head to look back at you for a regal look (he might not be able to look back all the way but he can try!) or have your groom give you a big bear hug from behind for a more playful vibe. 

Walking – Grab each other’s hands and begin walking either towards or away from the camera. As you move, pull apart then come back together to bump hips, before pulling apart again. For this shot you can look toward each other or off into the distance together depending on what makes you comfortable, just watch where you’re walking! 

The Spin – Hold your groom’s hand and do a twirl! We love how the movement of this simple move brings the photos to life but remember to smile and not to spin too fast! 

The Dip- If your knees can handle it, go for a dip! Position the bride’s body parallel to the camera while the groom supports her back and outer leg. Grooms, make sure to not lift your bride’s leg too high to ensure her dress is still covering her if you decide to try this move. 

The Lift – Let your groom sweep you off your feet. You could run and jump into his arms like in a romance movie, jump onto his back for a light-hearted piggyback ride or give a cradle carry a try.

The Finished Project

At the end of the day, just try to have some fun! If you and your groom are having a good time during your photoshoot, then it will show in your pictures. The most important part is to have the photos reflect who you are as a couple so just remember to try your best to be yourselves in front of the camera together and that will shine through in the finished product!