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There is nothing like a wedding photo album to remember your special day. Flip through it and you will see your loved ones’ faces; follow the photos to relive your special event and feel again how your love story unfolded that day.

The market is filled with digital companies that help you create your wedding photo album. The choice of covers and material is almost endless. With so many choices, how can you find a style that fits your wedding?

Before embarking on your wedding photo album design, here are a few tips to help you in creating the perfect snapshot of your special day.

How Many Photos Should I Put in My Wedding Photo Album?

The standard wedding photo album has between 50 and 100 photos, although there is no hard and fast rule over how many photos to include.

Big weddings that span over several days tend to result in larger photo albums, simply because there are more events and more people to capture on film. On the other hand, an elopement or a smaller, intimate family wedding typically lead to smaller photo albums.

Regardless of how large or small your photo album ends up being, your wedding photographer will provide you with plenty of beautiful photos to choose from.

Choose the Photos That Tell Your Story

There are some must-have photos that you will want to include in your album: the arrival of the couple, the rings, the exchange of vows, the reception, the first dance, the send-off, and so on.

Apart from these wedding staples, the rest of the photo album is a chance to showcase your love story. Each wedding is unique, and each couple has their own story they want to share. The people surrounding you will have their own meaning in your life, and you will want to immortalize these precious moments with them.

Some couples make the mistake of including only photos that are artistic and aesthetically pleasing. While these photos certainly deserve a spot in your album, don’t neglect the sentimental value of your special day. If a photo of a parent crying tears of happiness means something to you, then include it—even if their eyes are a little red or their nose is a bit runny. You should include the snapshots that really matter to you and your loved ones, regardless of how “perfect” a photo it is.

Your photographer will also take behind-the-scenes photos of the couple getting ready, the reception before everyone arrives, and any special angles of the ceremony. These are particularly important to include. Many will have details of the event you never witnessed and often include people and scenes overflowing with emotion and love for you on your special day that you can only experience through these photos.

Find the Best Photos from Each Major Event of the Day

With wedding photos, it’s very possible to have too much of a good thing. It can be hard to choose the best photos to include in your album when all the photos are wonderful.

If you’re finding it hard to choose, separate the photos according to which section of the wedding day they belong to: wedding preparation for the bride and groom, the arrival of the guests, the wedding ceremony, the reception and cocktails, the first dance, and so on. Once you have created clear categories, it will be easier to pick the perfect photos within each category.

Sometimes, couples focus on a particular moment of the wedding and overlook other bits of their special day when choosing their wedding album photos. By dividing your photos into groups, you ensure no part of the day is forgotten.

Chronological Order is Preferred, but You Can Go another Way

Most professional wedding photographers will provide the photos in chronological order. This makes it easier for you to organize your wedding photo album: in a chronological sequence, from beginning to end.

However, this is hardly written in stone.

We have seen beautiful albums with photos organized by family, where they follow the bride’s family and the groom’s family on their separate journeys throughout the day.

If you have a destination wedding, you can also organize the photos by each stunning location you incorporate into your wedding.

Or if your wedding has a particular theme—such as a funny, informal wedding—you can carry that theme over into your photo album and arrange the photos to display the light-hearted, comical feelings that run throughout the day.

Mix-and-Match Photos: Black and White, Sepia, and Colored

Wedding photos usually come in one of three tones: black-and-white, sepia, or color. Each type of photo will give your wedding photo album a different feel.

Black-and-white photos help you focus on faces and emotions because you are not distracted by colors. Sepia photos highlight the timelessness of weddings and add a vintage and nostalgic touch to your collection. As for color photos, they offer a vibrant recreation of a moment in life you don’t want to forget.

When choosing your wedding photos, you can mix and match colors and types of photos to create an interesting and rich palette of emotions.

Think About Including Handwritten Mementos

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture combined with words is priceless. When you prepare your photo album, consider adding quotes, words, feelings, poems, and excerpts from speeches under the photos. A photo of the best man smiling with pride at the happy couple is beautiful on its own. When paired with an emotional segment of the best man’s speech, the memory becomes even more powerful.

Choose Between Photo Album and Photo Book

Once you have selected the photos you want to include, you need to decide whether you want a photo album or a photo book.

Photo albums are the more traditional option, consisting of thick pages with photos attached via adhesives. Photo books are more modern, with the photos printed onto the pages of a coffee-table style book.

Depending on the style of your wedding, you can choose which type best fits your love story.

Where Are You Planning to Display Your Wedding Album?

Wedding albums are meant to be seen, not hidden away in a cupboard or tucked between a dozen other books on a shelf.  

The place you plan to keep your wedding album could help you decide on the size of your album and the material you will be using. If you’re planning to keep it on the coffee table, then you could opt for something smaller and easier to peruse, perhaps with a leather cover for style. If it’s going to be displayed up on a shelf, then a larger album would allow for a greater selection of photos and memories when you take it down to share with friends and family.

White Space vs. Photos Extending to the Edge

Large white spaces around photos are used to create more intimate feelings and place a special emphasis on the subject of the photo. Couples will often select their favorite photo of themselves on their wedding day, and showcase this on its own page surrounded by white space.  

Photos that stretch from one edge of the page to the other are more dramatic and immerse you in the moment. A wide-angle shot of the wedding ceremony, for example, would be a great photo to extend across a full page of your album.

Once you’ve chosen your photos, think about what sort of feelings they emulate and then decide how this feeling will be best displayed: either with a large white background or in maximum format.

It can be tempting to pack your photo album with as many photos as you can fit—after all, if some memories are good, more must be better! However, take care not to overcrowd your pages with too many photos or you risk losing sight of the meaningful ones. Place fewer photos on each page to give breathing space and allow your photos to speak for themselves.

When laying out each page of the album, try to create a common thread for photos that will be sharing the same page: this gives depth and logical consistency to your arrangement.

Order Smaller Albums for Family and Friends

If your wedding album ends up quite large, you might consider creating a smaller version that you can gift to family and friends. These would serve as cherished mementos for people to remember your wedding and reflect on their happiness to be there on your special day.

You could also create multiple smaller albums, each one focused on a particular group of loved ones and the special memories you shared together as you celebrated your big day. You could have an album for your grandparents and parents, an album for the bridesmaids, an album for the groomsmen, and so on.

If you can afford it, smaller albums will definitely please your friends and relatives. Some wedding album businesses offer discounts when ordering more than one photo album.

Keep It Simple

Our final piece of advice is to keep your photo album simple. There is a reason classic is classic: it’s timeless.

You have plenty of choices when choosing your wedding album: embroideries, leather cover, softback, hardback, textures, fabrics like silk and embellishments, and other decorative designs.

Some of these adornments might look pretty today but could weigh heavily on your album and make it look outdated a few years from now. As with many things in life, less is more.

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