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Through our interaction with clients and couples, we are sometimes surprised to hear some common misconceptions about how people perceive wedding photographers. People appear to have specific misperceptions about how we work, what we do, and what our job entails.

We, wedding photographers, love our job: we love taking part in a love story and immortalizing it. We love the ambient love and joy; the tears and laughter that people share. And we love how each wedding is different, yet the emotions are the same.

So, let us help you better understand the job we do and how much it means to us.

“Wedding Photography Is a Hobby”

Wedding photography is not a hobby. A hobby is something you do at your own leisure. While most wedding photographers enjoy their work, it still is a job. We work long hours, usually during weekends, which means we don’t get to be with our loved ones.

Wedding photographers have studied their job. We use our vast experience and knowledge to shoot wedding photos that capture each couple’s uniqueness. We have a strict work ethic by which we stand. Hobbyists rarely feel the need to promptly answer emails, respond to phone calls, or meet with couples before the wedding to discuss the photoshoot details.  

Our work conditions can be highly demanding: we lug around heavy equipment—cameras and lenses can be quite heavy—and we have to bend, stretch, and work in awkward positions to capture the beautiful shots we want. We certainly love what we do, but it’s not an easy job.

Likewise, weddings can be quite challenging. Even though everything is carefully planned, unexpected events can and do happen.

For instance, what if it rains while you expect plenty of sunshine? Has the photographer brought enough lights and all the necessary equipment for such an occasion? What if someone runs late and there is hardly enough time? Will the photographer have enough time to capture all the precious moments? And what if Uncle John or Cousin Joe photobomb every single photo?

A professional photographer needs to be ready to deal with the unexpected in a smooth and effortless way. No matter how passionate they are about photography, this is not something most hobbyists can do, simply because they lack the necessary experience.

“Wedding Photographers Don’t Work Much”

It’s surprising how often we hear that wedding photographers don’t work much. People see us taking wedding photos and assume that our job is done once we leave the wedding venue.

Just like other professionals, wedding photographers have to work before and after the event. We answer emails, go to meetings with couples, and drive to the venue.

Most of our work happens after the photoshoot. After a wedding, we end up with thousands of photos. We first upload all these photos on our computer and pick the ones that best embody the couple. We then lightly edit and retouch the photos to highlight them. This can take a long time: you need at least 5 minutes per photo for editing. If we deliver 300 photos, that easily makes 25 hours of work.

We then have to send the print orders for the photos the couple wants in physical format. Finally, we deliver the order—and only then is our job done.

“Wedding Photographers Only Need a Camera”

We have often heard that our work is so much easier now that cameras are digital.

Unfortunately, the big difference between 20 years ago and now is that we now take thousands of photos during a wedding photoshoot instead of a hundred or two. We then have to sift through all of them to find the astounding ones.

Wedding photographers don’t just carry a camera with them. We have expensive lenses and lights that help take excellent photos. We also have specialized computers, hardware, and software that let us download photos and edit them, thus adding a touch of magic to your photos.

“Photoshop Can Do Wonders”

We will retouch your photos to make them look more vibrant. But there is a limit to what editing software can do. There is also a limit to how much editing you want on your wedding photos.

We can edit out an unsightly smudge or smooth a creased dress but we cannot make all guests look tanned. We can brighten a dark scene up to a point but we can’t digitally rearrange your whole seating arrangement.

If your wedding photos look authentic and spectacular, that’s because your wedding photographer was a professional; not because of Photoshop.

“A Good Camera Is All You Need”

There is more to photography than just a quality camera. You need to keep an eye out for movement and the split second when the couple looks just perfect. You must evaluate the quality of the light and make sure there are no harsh shadows on people’s faces. And you are called to take photos in a natural, yet professional, way that perfectly captures the unique love story behind each couple.

All these needs cannot be met just by a good camera. A good camera certainly helps a professional wedding photographer take great photos. It will be faster when rapidly taking photos and it will create sharper photos, capturing every beautiful detail. But you still need a great amount of experience to gauge each detail and decide which one will show beautifully on a photo.

“A Documentary Photographer Won’t Take Posed Portrait Photos”

When we sit down with the couple, we ask them what expectations they have from their wedding photos. We want to understand what type of wedding photos they are looking for.

Some couples like natural wedding photos, while others prefer black and white ones. Some prefer portrait photos, others like fashion ones, and some choose artistic ones or photojournalistic ones.

A wedding photographer will focus on the style you choose. That doesn’t mean they won’t try to include shots that are different from the chosen style, but it will be the basis of their approach to the wedding photography event as a whole.

A documentary wedding photographer, for instance, will let the wedding flow naturally and immortalize the key moments that make each wedding special. The photographer will still be happy to take portraits of the couple and group photos of the family or friends, but will spend less time on photos that don’t belong to your desired style.

That’s why you need to discuss your priorities and let the photographer take it from there. Having great experience in diverse wedding photography styles is a must for this.

“The Life of a Wedding Photographer Is Glamorous”

We get to meet plenty of people on their most beautiful and joyful day. This, on its own, makes wedding photography a highly enjoyable and fulfilling job.

We also get to visit new places, different towns, beautiful venues, and fascinating churches. It fills our lives with beauty and helps feed our creativity.

However, a wedding photographer’s life is not about having a good time. We only visit the venues as part of our job. We don’t really get to enjoy the ambiance, food, dancing, and décor, as we are focused on capturing special moments for the couple and their loved ones; moments that are so fleeting that you can miss them if you blink.

A photographer’s life also includes a lot of packing and unpacking, traveling, and driving. We do love our job but “glamorous” is not quite the right way to describe it, even if it is full of wonder.

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