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Choosing a venue can be a little overwhelming because there are so many amazing options for an epic celebration with your family and friends! Trust us, our team has been a part of celebrations in countless locations and we would go almost anywhere with you to capture your love story💕. 

If you do not have a location in mind and need some inspiration don’t worry, WE GOT YOU! Here are a few things to consider to help you narrow down your search.

What are your priorities?

It would be incredible to find a venue that was perfectly tailored to your wedding- and we hope you do! Although, sometimes we must ask ourselves “what elements are most important to me?”. Maybe it is the freedom to use whatever vendor you choose, maybe it is a super large bridal suite with lots of natural light for getting ready photos, or it might be all about location. There are no wrong answers, but identifying your venue must-haves in order of priority will allow you to point yourself in the right direction from the start.

Have you talked budget?

Talking about money with your significant other can be uncomfortable at first, but it is an important part of stepping into married life. Determine who is contributing to the wedding budget and how much you will be able to spend- this may be limited to only you and your fiance, or it may also include your families but it is important to speak with everyone who may be contributing. Once you know the specific dollar amount of your overall budget, you can start allocating that money towards your wedding day priorities. Wedding expenses can add up but don’t be afraid to spend your budget on what matters most to YOU.

Who is coming? 

Before you start looking at venues, sit down with your families to make a preliminary guest list of everyone that you are planning to invite. It might add up faster than you think! Next, you may want to go through your list and categorize those who MUST be invited (close family and friends), those who you would like to invite (extended family and maybe close co-workers), and those who you would invite if your budget allows (people that you may not have spoken with recently). Keep your guest list in mind when you are searching for venues. Some couples may find it easy to disregard venue options that are too small, while other couples may decide to cut down on the guestlist to accommodate their budget and give themselves a large selection of venues to choose from.

When are you tying the knot?

Picking your wedding date and picking your venue go hand in hand. If you already have a venue that you have been dreaming about, it can be helpful to be flexible with the exact date of your wedding in case your venue is already booked on your first choice. Alternatively, if there is only one date that you are considering, be prepared to be flexible with your venue choice. Couples who are planning to have their ceremony in a church might find it helpful to reserve their wedding date with the church first, before searching for their reception venue, as the church may have limited availability for wedding ceremonies and/or may require you to start taking classes in preparation for married life. I recommend finding a handful of days or simply a time of year that works with the vision that you and your fiance share, then checking with different venues to determine availability. 

What is your style?

This is where things get fun! Your wedding is a reflection of you, and your venue should reflect your style. Are you interested in a downtown vibe with architectural details that provide an elegant and classic look? Or is your style more rustic-chic with nature-inspired elements and a laid-back feel? If you’re stuck, don’t worry- just go in with an open mind. Your planner may have venue suggestions, your decor vendor may have ideas that will make a space feel more “you”, or you can get inspiration from online wedding style quizzes you can take with your fiance (fun date night idea!) 

At the end of the day, the location won’t matter nearly as much as the memories that you make there, but once you get your date locked in with your venue you are one step closer to your dream wedding and you can move forward with securing a wedding planner/coordinator and your photographer! If you have any questions or would like information on how Boulevard Photography can capture your special day, wherever it may be, you can contact us HERE.